What's the best way to get started with iToysoldiers War Zones and Events?

I run a store or gaming club. I'd really like to promote my events and run my leagues and tournaments using iToysoldiers. What's the best way to get started?

The first step is to register an account with iToysoldiers and then complete a War Zone request form for your club, store or event. The link is at the bottom of the page under "Extras". Once I receive the request I can give you the ability to create War Zones and events.

The second step really depends upon what kind of events you want to have managed by the iToysoldiers event and tournament management. Once you've been given rights to create these kind of posts you'll find them under the Navigation Menu item that's cleverly named, "Add War Zones and Events". All of the War Zone types are independent but they can be "nested" under a master War Zone. This is not required but if you're planning on running more than a handful of events you may want to consider creating the War Zone.

Here are a couple of examples:

Clubs and Stores
If you operate a club or a store your first step is to create a War Zone for your group. This allows you to publish news, events, and leagues and associate them to a single War Zone on the site where members are notified when new content associated with the club or store is posted. Members of iToysoldiers can join your store or group so you can see how strong your following is.

Once your War Zone is created you can then associate leagues, tournaments, and events to that War Zone.

One Time or Special Events
If you're running an event that doesn't necessarily need to have the full "league/tourney management" features you can do one of two things:

1. If you just want folks to know about it then you can create an Event. These events show up in the Calendar as well as the front page and the battlefield where it is occurring. Campaign badges can be awarded by events. This is the easiest way to post an event on iToysoldiers and it's great for things like Open Gaming days (Events support recurring dates so you don't need to add a new one each time you have one), conventions, special events and the like.

2. Create a separate War Zone. This is great for larger events where you want to be able to request people to indicate that they're attending or post news about the event. Examples might be something like an Apocalypse game or a release party for a particular game.

Leagues and Tournaments
One of the main reasons iToysoldiers exists is to address the challenges folks have with running casual leagues and tournaments within their gamer community. The Leagues and Tournament management War Zones are intended to address a number of common issues that forums and emails just don't quite cover. In any case, if you're running a league at your store or club then take a look at the different kinds of rule sets we support. We can handle ladders (pure point rankings), Pyramids (replacement based upon outcome) and Round Robins (every member plays every member). We're working on several others at the moment.

Why use iToysoldiers? Well, we track all the games and results for you. We handle challenges, pairings, all the math, and communications between players. We also provide statistics and gamification of the tabletop gaming experience. It's a pretty slick way to make your leagues and tournaments stand out.

Let me know if you have any questions. I aim to please and will happily consider any and all requests for features.

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