Why can’t I add a new game or army/faction myself?

Actually, you can add an army or faction yourself. When you’re creating a piece of content on iToysoldiers and there is a field for “Army” or “Faction” (they’re the same thing in this context), you’re able to enter any value you want. The fields will help you by attempting to autocomplete based upon what you’ve typed so far. If you’re adding a new Army or Faction just keep typing and it will be created when you save the content.

Now.  That being said, iToysoldiers recommends that, if possible, you use one of the Army/Faction entries already in place.  This helps aggregate your stats and the Faction’s stats across the site. 

Games are a bit different.  Because games contain one or more Factions these are added by iToysoldiers when there’s enough interest.  Ultimately, I’d love to see EVERY miniature wargame in the world represented by iToysoldiers.  If your favorite game isn’t listed let me know about it and I’ll add it in.  Visit Request For New Game and provide the details and we’ll get it in there for you.

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